The DEMO is OUT!

This is not a drill! The Wintertwined Demo is out now!

After many months of working my butt off, creating art like a madman, smashing game breaking bugs into bits... it's finally here!

Please share your thoughts about it, and if you're going to stream / record yourself play it, let me know as well! I'd love to watch along ^^

Do you want to support me and help fund Wintertwined? Please consider donating to my Ko-Fi!

Like always: Thank you all so, so much for all your support you've given me.

You all helped me get through this rough year.

( Technical stuff )

This demo is for Windows only at the moment, I'm looking into a macOS port.

You need to unpack the .zip file, You can use WinRar of 7Zip.

If you run into any bugs, spelling or grammar issues, please let me know!


Wintertwined DEMO for Windows 90 MB
Jul 03, 2021


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