Wintertwined Demo Update 0.4!

Hi yall!

It's been a long time since the last update, and it's a significant one!

I've been working my way through some difficult parts in the later half of the game and have gone back to improve the demo to make it more in line with the final game!

The demo has been updated to Version 0.4, which has a LOT of improvements:

+Small new area

(I've added a new area: the surveillance office. It's a small area where you can save your progress manually and find some vague hints and lore!)

+New memory

(A new memory can be found in the new area)

+Improved QTE

(Thanks to Kuro DCupu I've greatly improved upon the quicktime events! 

+Small visual improvements

(Sometimes sprites disappeared for a few frames) 

+Made the chase more fair

(Gave the player a little more room to mess up)

+Controller Support

(Xbox and Dualshock are shown alongside the keyboard controls)

+Improved Tutorials

(Less obtrusive, less words, new graphics)

+Fullscreen Options

(Toggle fullscreen from the menu)

+Toggle Button: Hold To Run / Walk

(You can either hold a button to run or hold a button to walk, the always dash command is back!)

+Slightly Adjusted SFX Volume

(Volume has been lowered on some sound effects)

+Minor Bug Fixes[/size]

I'll be trying to update more frequently from now on, especially since I have some really cool set-pieces coming up ^^

I have been working on some parts I wish I could show off, but that would only ruin the surprise and twists that I'm going to throw your way. Just trust me, it's gonna be worth the wait.

Thank you for sticking with me, and I hope to see you all soon.

-Terry Scott


Wintertwined DEMO 106 MB
Jan 16, 2022

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