Demo Updated to Version 0.5!

Hi Yall!

So here's a small update to the demo, I've gone back and redid an animation I wasn't fond of.

I also discovered a few small bugs, one allowed the player to walk during cutscenes and the other soft locked the game. luckily nobody encountered these bugs as far as I know, but they have been patched!

Furthermore, I've been slowly chipping away and improving the game for months in small but noticable ways, I'm nearing the overall 60% completion of the game as well!

If I can keep this up it'll be released somewhere late 2022, likely December.

Hope to see yall there once it does ^^

Thank you for staying updated on my project <3

-Terry Scott


Wintertwined DEMO 106 MB
May 02, 2022


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The new animation is a great improvement! Now I have something lovely to look forward to in the winter months this year. <3 Keep going, you're doing great!

Thank you so much!