Demo updated to V0.6 + Plans for the future

The Wintertwined demo has been updated to version 0.6, the penultimate update.

This update contains:

A Diary, to keep track of objectives and memories. These will help the players that might lose track or miss an important clue.

It also houses the updated memories, these are no longer shoved alongside the items, they have their own page in the Diary.

There will likely be one more update down the line, once the full game is released, but I felt it was necessary to iron out a potential game breaking bug.

A few minor graphical changes, like the snowy borders on menus, tutorials and interface for the controllers.

The surveillance office has been changed slightly, the ladder has been moved so you now have to walk through this area, making it less likely the players might miss the save point.

Plans for the future:

December is slowly approaching, and the completion date too. The idea is that I'll attempt to set goals for every month.

I'm currently working on a flashback scene, after this comes two more areas (large ones) and then the finale.

I've planned one month per area, hoping to spend December on playtesting and bug fixing, releasing it later that month.

I plan to take extra days off from work to finish the game before the end of December.

I'll be working extra hard to reach this goal and if I don't make it, It'll be a januari release at the latest.

I'm beyond excited to show you what I've been working on, and hope it'll be worth the wait.

Many thanks for reading, -Terry Scott


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Sep 23, 2022

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