Monthly Progress Update - October

October was a rough month.

TLDR: Due to multiple unforeseen circumstances, I got little to no work done on Wintertwined and I see no options but to delay the game until further notice.

I had a bad start when my cat managed to escape through a small hole in the ceiling and climbed onto our roof, when I tried to rescue him he got scared, attacked me and he fell down. We found him 5 days later, alive and well, I wasn’t able to work on Wintertwined during that time. My hand had to heal from the attack, he bit into a nerve on my index finger and I could barely move it for an entire week. So when my finger healed, I figured I’d do some retooling with the lighting. And by that, I mean change the plugin I’ve been using for almost 2 years.

The old plugin was just… Not doing what I wanted it too, so I had to comb through all my events to make sure it all worked flawlessly with the new one. Besides the flashlight cones, everything seems to work as intended at the moment, so that’s a relief!

As much as I love the month of october and halloween, it’s the busiest month we have at my day job, which is why I barely had any time left to do any work on Wintertwined in the latter half of the month.

 So what i managed to do this month can be summoned up as such: I made this animation whilst my finger was healing:

 I created a sneaking mini game that works kinda like SUPERHOT, as in; the camera’s only move when you do. It’s not a game of timing, but of planning. Graphics are not finished however, and the flashlight cones get stuck for seemingly no reason atm… I did a few small animations and touched up some wooden dialogue, but that’s all I managed to do :(

So, as you might expect, Wintertwined will most likely be facing yet another delay. This time I’m honestly not sure if I want to have an estimated release date, the stress I’ve been feeling from trying to complete this project has been negatively impacting my everyday life. I really wish I had more uplifting news to share, but this month has been really tough for me to get through. 

I am continuing to work on the game, but at a more moderate pace. I have a clear road ahead of me and what needs to be done, I just need a little more time to get there.

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